School Motto

The motto FÁS, FOGHLAIM, FORBAIRT is represented in the motif. It represents what education is about: physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional and social development. While any one of the three words in the motto could represent those aims, the triadic form of triple alliterative enumeration from the literary tradition of Sean Ghaeilge is most appropriate and certainly more memorable. Furthermore the triplication has a very strong Christian significance.

The motif features, promotes and reinforces this theme of education. In the centre is the symbol of the person. The triangle is the symbol of the school. The circle represents the world outside. The position of the symbols as well as the triadic shape and the perfect shape of the circle have may other educational connotations.


A Brief History of St Nessan's

The exterior of the old School BuildingThe first formal demand for a new post-primary school in the Northside of Limerick City was made by Caherdavin Residents Association in 1974 and conveyed to the Minister for the Gaeltacht, Mr. Tom O’Donnell, to cater for the burgeoning population of students for second level education in the area.

Co-incidentally that same year there was a competition for a design for a secondary school sponsored by the Department of Education – the conceptual structure being to create easily identifiable Base Units related to age groups and at the same time provide fluent connections between these Base Units or specialist sections. (This was the original school building)

Exterior of the new School BuildingSt. Nessan’s Community Moylish Park, Limerick, was set up under the trusteeship of City of Limerick V.E.C. as a co-educational school – comprehensive in intake; i.e. having full range of abilities and comprehensive in educational philosophy; i.e. providing academic and technical subjects with a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

In September 1978 St. Nessan’s Community College opened its doors for students with a first year intake and a limited number of second year students totalling just over 100 students and 8 teaching staff.

The College grew to almost 950 students and 61 teaching staff in the mid-nineties.  Currently we have an enrolment of 360 students, 3 special needs assistants and a teaching allocation of 38.00 teacher equivalents including resource teachers and learning support teachers. 

While the College was unique in design and structure, its life span, because of the materials used, was 20 years maximum and St. Nessan’s moved into a new, state-of-the-art building in March 2007 at the rear of the existing structure

Sporting Honours List

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