Novelist Bob Burke visits St. Nessan's


Another highlight from World Book Day was the visit by renowned local writer from Crecora, author & novelist Bob Burke whose novels and short stories are nationally and internationally acclaimed. He is widely sought after for readings and workshops here in Ireland. He is a writer of teenage fiction and his books, The Third Detective Agency was well received here in the school. He was really delighted with the response from the students here at the school and gave several talks and workshops to all our students and read from his 3 published books. Bob Burke held a story telling session with all our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Years. A very enjoyable and productive workshop was had by all and the students enjoyed the interactive element of the workshop.

He was really impressed with the students and appreciated that here in the school there is a great appetite for reading and various literacy initiatives.  “That’s one of the valuable things about the visiting authors, every single one of them has a different story about how they came to write and it’s important for students who are starting out to realise that there isn’t one single way of doing it and that there are so many different approaches”, Ms Toomey (the JCSP Coordinator said. “You can’t expect to get better if you’re not going to read beyond your normal expectations of yourself. You need to kick start your reading because reading and writing go hand in hand. Reading is key.”

Bob Burke paraphrased his hero Stephen King when he told the students “the best way to be a good writer is to be a good reader”

All the students involved deserve great credit for their behaviour and enthusiasm on the day. Hopefully this something the students will try at home.